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Eliminating or reducing Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs)

Arkema Coating Resins continues to innovate solutions to eliminate HAPs and other hazardous materials from our work process.

Examples include:

SYNAQUA® waterborne alkyd

Synaqua® 4804 alkyd offers a low-VOC option for developing the highest gloss products with the feel of a solvent-based alkyd.

Synaqua® 4804 alkyd is an APEO and ammonia-free short oil alkyd emulsion designed for use in a wide variety of coatings in which performance similar to solvent-based alkyds are desired. It offers the coatings formulator a low VOC option to develop the highest gloss products while giving the application feel of a solvent-based alkyd.

Typical applications include:

  • High gloss trim paints
  • Wall and ceiling paints from flats to high gloss
  • Interior/ exterior primers for wood and metal
  • Direct-to-metal coatings with anticorrosive properties
  • Transparent and semi-transparent stains


Isocyanate-free two pack acrylic resins (NISO)

The SYNOCURE® range of isocyanate-free-2-component systems is becoming increasingly popular due to the combination of high performance and growing concerns over toxicity and health and safety within the industrial coatings environment.

Arkema offers a wide range of NISO resins from standard to high solids along with epoxy acrylic hardeners to help you design paint formulations with the desired performances.



A wide range of waterborne and high solids products

Arkema offers a wide range of both waterborne and high-solid solvent-borne products that offer excellent performance while reducing HAPs and VOCs, including:

  • Waterborne latexes that can replace solvent-borne systems in conventional coatings
  • Resins for high solids applications


Value-added sustainably coating engineered products

Arkema Coating Resins continues to produce and develop high-performance, sustainably engineered products.

Examples include: 

Low-temperature cure powder coatings

You do not need to sacrifice quality for low cure capabilities. We offer a range of resins for the formulation of low-temperature cure powder coatings (<135-160 degrees C). These products exhibit performance comparable to standard cure resins at lower cure temperatures.

Properly formulated, these resins allow for cost savings and sustainability benefits such as lower energy consumption, faster curing lines, and longer-lasting coatings. Additionally, formulators can develop highly durable coatings for use on heat-sensitive substrates such as light metals, wood, and medium-density fiberboard (MDF). 

Talk to us today about how REAFREE® Resins can improve your powder coating formulations for:

  • Furniture
  • Automotive
  • Agriculture and Construction
  • Appliances
  • Architecture
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • General Industrial
  • I.T. Equipment


Continued research

Arkema, working closely with our customers, is continually evaluating sustainability goals and how they are assessed. Those efforts drive our research into areas such as replacing traditional surfactants, reducing biocides, exploring alternative feedstocks, and much more.

Learn more about Arkema's sustainability efforts as a company here