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REAFREE® saturated carboxylated polyester for low-temperature cure powder coatingsstep 3-crop200x162.JPG


Arkema offers a range of REAFREE® resins for the formulation of low and ultra-low temperature cure powder coatings (<135-160 degrees C). Coatings made with these resins can potentially exhibit performance comparable to standard cure resins in a wide range of applications.

Properly formulated, REAFREE® resins allow for increased costs savings, sustainability benefits (lower energy consumption), faster curing times and longer-lasting durable coatings. Additionally, formulators can achieve highly durable coatings for use on heat-sensitive substrates such as light metals, wood and medium density fiberboard (MDF).

Applications include:

  • Furniture
  • Automotive parts
  • Agriculture and construction equipment
  • Architectural coating
  • Corrosion resistant coatings
  • General industrial coatings
  • I.T. equipment coatings