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ARKEMA is a leading global supplier in Industrial Coatings including:
  • Protective and Marine Coatings (PCM)
  • Coil
  • Automotive
  • General Industry and Agricultural and Construction Equipment (ACE)
  • Industrial Wood Finishes
The strength of our offer is its strong performance supported by our technical expertise. Our industrial coatings offer provides a large portfolio of products covering several technologies:
  • SYNOCURE®, SYNOCRYL®: Acrylic polyol, thermoplastic and thermoset resins for 2K polyurethane coatings
  • SYNOCURE®: Acrylic polyol, thermoplastic and thermoset resins for non-isocyanate 2K coatings
  • SYNOLAC®, UNITHANE®: Alkyd and modified alkyd and polyester resins
  • SYNAQUA®, ENCOR®: Waterborne binders for 1K and 2K coatings
  • CRAYVALLAC®: Rheology additives
  • CRAYAMID®: Curing agents for 2K epoxy/amine systems

Our product range

Discover our brand-new Industrial Coatings Brochure

ARKEMA Industrial Coatings Brochure

Download our new Industrial Coatings brochure to find: 
  • Our full range of binders for Industrial applications by chemistry
  • Typical characteristics, main applications fields & properties