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Rising and volatile energy costs, tightening emission regulations and an overall drive for environmentally conscious manufacturing practices have led many finishing professionals to look for alternative curing technologies. If the application phase is key to take full advantage of coating technical performances, it also impacts the turnover and productivity of companies. 
We offer a wide range of materials suitable for almost all the curing technologies of the market and help our customers to transition to lower energy consumption technologies.

UV/EB cured coatings for coil


The benefits of precoated metal span from aesthetic advantages to economic efficiencies, making it the substrate of choice in a wide pallet of construction areas. To decarbonize the industry, coil coating players position the UV/EB coating technology as a game changer. According to the European Coil Coating Association (ECCA), the UV/EB curing technology has the potential to reduce energy use by at least 60% versus conventional technologies. As a pioneer in energy curing systems, Arkema supports this transition with a full range of high performing solutions suited to UV/EB coating technologies.
Climate-espace_RVB.jpg Lower impact on environment down stream-espace_RVB.jpg Higher throughput process
Propriete_produit_picto-espace_RVB.jpg Aesthetic & Functional Properties    
Sustainable performance
  • At least 60% of energy savings  (ECCA - Zero Carbon Coil Coating Line – The Way Forward)
no extraction of solvents
no incineration
ambiant temperature cure 

  • Reduced material use as extended surface coverage
Technical performance
  • 100% active content
  • 2X surface coverage per kilogram of paint compared to conventional systems
  • High coating performance

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Powder coatings to protect MDF and wood substrates 


Across stakeholders of the coating industry, powder resin technology is recognized as an advanced technology in terms of durability, flexibility and robustness as well as sustainability as it enables the removal of VOC and the reduction of waste during application. There is a growing demand to expand the performance of powder technologies to low curing temperature to support the decarbonization of the industry and to enable the expansion to a vast array of non-traditional substrates such a medium density fiber boards (MDF). In this use case, we will illustrate how the Arkema low curing temperature powder resins portfolio drives the creation of innovative MDF coatings.
Surface_bois_picto-espace_RVB.jpg Unconventional
colours and
Product safety-espace_RVB.jpg Safer
Solidite_picto-espace_RVB.jpg Resistance down stream-espace_RVB.jpg Expand the use
of powder to
Sustainable performance
  • Very low curing temperature at 135°C: Extended use of powder coating to MDF and wood substrate
  • 1 layer using powder versus several with liquid resins: Reduce material use
  • Less energy to cure versus liquid solutions: Reduced energy consumption
  • No VOC
Technical performance


Exceptional design flexibility to meet unconventional colours and effects

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