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Our latest advancement in acrylic polyol emulsion transforms conventional 2K coating systems into safer waterborne non-isocyanate (NISO) solutions. This innovative product addresses market demand for safer and more sustainable alternatives, reducing carbon footprint without compromising on performance. 

Webinar & Key takeaways

Key takeaways

An evolution of Arkema 2-component coating resins towards safer and more environmentally friendly solutions:

  • Elimination of isocyanate sensitizer in paint formulation
  • Low VOC capability 
  • Less film aspect defect

Various formulation potential depending on crosslinker types (aromatic or aliphatic epoxy, epoxy silane): 

  • Direct-to-metal (DTM) 
  • Topcoat 

Arkema solutions to meet waterborne NISO market expectations


Waterborne non-isocyanate paint formulation using SYNAQUA® WB NISO can be completed with: 

  • Rheological additives: COAPURTM 790 (dispersing agent) and COADISTM XS 71 (thickener) 
  • UV stabilizer: SpeedBlock UV-92

This formulation example will provide:

Durability-espace_RVB.jpg Product safety-espace_RVB.jpg Climate-espace_RVB.jpg
Exterior durability Safety for paint applicators Lower carbon footprint

Performance characteristics for topcoat and DTM applications combining these products are shown in the table below.

Our product range

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Focus on SYNAQUA® E21219, Safer Waterborne NISO solution

SYNAQUA® E21219 is a VOC compliant multifunctional resin allowing the formulation of low VOC 2-component industrial paints without the use of polyisocyanate crosslinkers. No catalysts are required.

SYNAQUA® E21219 Characteristics

Typical characteristics can be found below.


Type Waterborne functional resin
Solid content (%) 44 in Water / Butyl Glycol / Dimethyl Ethanolamine [46,7 / 7,9 / 1,4]
Viscosity at 25°C (mPa.s) < 1500
Acid value (KOH/g) 37-43 
pH 8-9
Particle size < 220 nm

Waterborne Glossy Paint Formulations1

SYNAQUA® E21219 can be used for Topcoat and DTM applications

  2-component NISO Acrylic/Epoxy Hybrid Waterborne Topcoat 2-component NISO Acrylic/Polysiloxane Hybrid Waterborne DTM
VOC (g/L) 56 54
Viscosity (KU) 80-90 70-80
Gloss at 20°/60° (GU) 87-94 85-93
Pot life (hrs) 24  8-10

1Upon request

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