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Product overview
Saturated carboxylated polyester for combination with Triglycidylisocyanurate or β-Hydroxyalkylamide type hardeners. Suitable for the formulation of outdoor SUPERDURABLE and protective thermosetting powders for electrostatic application. TMA free type.
Performance benefits Blooming resistance, Super-durable
Application benefits High Flow, High Gloss, Low Reactivity
Sustainability benefits Extended Coating Life, TMA Free
Market Architectural, Industrial Metal
Segment ACE, General Metal
Resin:Crosslinker Ratio 93/7
Curing Conditions 10/200°C
Gardner Color, 50%, (ASTM D-1544) max.2
Glass Transition Temperature, DSC (Tg) - Range approx.61
Viscosity at 165 °C, Pa.s (DIN 53229) 9.1-15
Acid Value, mg KOH/g (ASTM D-1639) 32-38
Chemistry Description Saturated Carboxylated Polyester / TGIC and β-Hydroxyalkylamide