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ENCOR® 9025

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Product overview
Ideal for the production of labels used in extreme environments (conforms to 85.5609:1986 Section 2 “Marine and Laboratory Performance of Label Base Materials” when coated onto suitable facestock).Good shear strength while maintaining high peel and tack.
End-use Market Labels - Films
Coating Process Gravure
Application benefits Coater ready, Excellent slitting properties (Sheets), Permanent, Ready to coat on corona / flame treated polyolefins.
Performance benefits Good adhesion on LES, Good balance tack / cohesion, High SAFT
Sustainability benefits APEO free
Solid content (%) 51
Supplied in solvent Water
pH range 6.5
Viscosity 500 Brookfield, #3 LVT at 60 rpm, 25±1°C, cP