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Product overview
SYNOLAC 5086 is a low viscosity linear saturated polyester with good compatibility designed for blending with other systems in order to increase solids and reduce volatile organic contents.SYNOLAC 5086 is a highly versatile resin that can be used in diverse end-uses such as 2-component acrylic isocyanate or polyester isocyanate systems and high quality stoving systems.SYNOLAC 5086 will react into the blended system via its high hydroxyl content, and will not compromise durability.
Industrial segment Automotive - OEM, Automotive - Refinish, General Industry / ACE, Protective coatings & Marine
Coating layers Pigmented primer, Pigmented topcoat, Primer, Topcoat
Curing type 1K stoving, 2K
Performance benefits Flexibility
Sustainability benefits Low VOC
Viscosity 5500 - 8500 mPa.s (25°C)
OH on solids 6.2%
% NVC 100
Color (max) 300 Hazen
Acid value on solids (mg KOH/g) 7 max