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Product overview
SYNOLAC 4200 is a solvent-free long oil alkyd designed for use in low VOC decorative coatings in combination with other long oil alkyds.SYNOLAC 4200 very low viscosity and good solvency power enable the formulation of VOC 2010 compliant coatings (Directive 2004/42/CE). SYNOLAC 4200 is a very good alkyd reactive diluent for all conventional long oil alkyd resins - modified or not - making it suitable for the formulation of topcoats, enamels, etc…Its low viscosity ensures a good penetration into porous substrates, hence it is adapted to the formulation of primers and woodstains.
Industrial segment General Industry / ACE
Coating layers Clear topcoat, Clearcoat, Pigmented topcoat, Topcoat
Curing type 1K
Performance benefits Heat Resistance
Sustainability benefits Chrome-free system, HAPS free, Low VOC
Viscosity 600 - 1000 mPa.s (25°C)
% NVC 99 - 100
% Fatty acid on solids 84
Fatty acid type Linoleic rich
Color (max) 12 Gardner