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SYNOCURE 9279 S 70

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Product overview
SYNOCURE 9279 S 65 is a hydroxy functional acrylic designed to crosslink at room temperature or under low-bake conditions with aliphatic polyisocyanates. It is particularly recommended for use in vehicle refinishing, A.C.E., Transport coatings and Heavy Duty Coatings.
Industrial segment Automotive - Refinish, General Industry / ACE, Industrial Wood Finishes, Protective coatings & Marine
Coating layers Clear topcoat, Clearcoat, Pigmented topcoat, Topcoat
Curing type 2K
Performance benefits Chemical resistance, Corrosion protection, Durability, Fast dry, Glossy finish, Hardness
Sustainability benefits Low VOC
Viscosity 6500 - 8500 mPa.s (25°C)
OH on solids 4.2%
% NVC 69 - 71
Volatile Butyl acetate and Xylene
Color (max) 100 Hazen
Acid value on solids (mg KOH/g) 10 max