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Product overview
SYNOLAC 680X60 is a branched, hydroxy functional polyester resin designed to crosslink with polyisocyanates under ambient or force dry conditions. SYNOLAC 680X60 exhibits a very fast drying and high level of hardness of the cured films. The resulting surfaces are highly abrasion resistant and non-thermoplastic.Finishes based on SYNOLAC® 680X60 show an excellent light and weather resistance, making it suitable for high quality coatings for objects with long life cycles.
Industrial segment General Industry / ACE, Industrial Wood Finishes
Coating layers Pigmented topcoat, Topcoat
Curing type 2K
Performance benefits Durability, Fast dry, Hardness
Viscosity Y-Z2 Gardner (25°C)
OH on solids 3.3%
% NVC 59 - 61
Volatile Xylene
Color (max) 5 Gardner
Acid value on solids (mg KOH/g) 15 max