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ENCOR 2229

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Product overview
ENCOR 2229 is an alkali-soluble pure acrylic emulsion formulated without alkylphenolethoxylates, studied for the formulation of pigmented fillers for hardboard.When solubilised, it has a very high capability to disperse pigments and fillers; therefore highly pigmented roller applied sealers can be formulated.ENCOR 2229 has fast drying and hardening properties. It can be immediately recoated when applied in lines with infrared or convection ovens.
Industrial segment Industrial Wood Finishes
Coating layers Pigmented primer, Primer
Curing type 1K
Performance benefits Fast dry, Flexibility
Sustainability benefits APEO free, BPA free, Chrome-free system, Formaldehyde free, HAPS free, Isocyanate free, Low aromatic, Low VOC
Viscosity 200 mPa.s max (23°C)
% NVC 49 - 51
Volatile water
MFFT (°C) 10