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SYNOLAC 350 S 65

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Product overview
SYNOLAC 350 S 65 is an alkyd/amino resin precondensate for use in coatings with very low formaldehyde emission. It is especially mild in odour. The particular formulation of the resin allows to keep the content of free formaldehyde below 0.1% and therefore avoids the usually strong odour of emitted formaldehyde from acid curing coatings.SYNOLAC 350 S 65 provides a good solvent release, fast curing and quick increase of surface hardness, although the lacquers based on SYNOLAC 350 S 65 have considerably long pot life.SYNOLAC 350 S 65 is particularly recommended for use in industrial furniture coatings, especially kitchen furniture. Moreover SYNOLAC 350 S 65 is well suitable for fast curing, high quality parquet sealers.
Industrial segment Industrial Wood Finishes
Coating layers Clear primer, Clear topcoat, Clearcoat, Pigmented primer, Pigmented topcoat, Primer, Topcoat
Curing type 1K, 2K
Performance benefits Chemical resistance, Fast dry, Flexibility, Glossy finish, Hardness, Nitrocellulose compatibility
Sustainability benefits Renewable content
% NVC 66 - 68
Volatile Methoxy propanol : iso-butanol : ethanol
Color (max) 7 Iodine