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Product overview
SYNOCRYL 839 SD 60 is an acrylamide modified acrylic resin for use in metal decorating applications. The excellent adhesion, hardness and chemical resistance make coatings based on this resin suitable for caps and closures while its inherent flexibility means it can be used successfully in collapsible tube enamels.
Industrial segment Metal Packaging
Coating layers Clear size coat, Clear topcoat, Pigmented topcoat, White basecoat
Curing type 1K stoving
Performance benefits Chemical resistance, Flexibility, Hardness
Sustainability benefits BPA free, Isocyanate free
Viscosity 5000 - 7000 mPa.s (25°C)
% NVC 57 - 60 (125°c)
Volatile Aromatic solvent 180°C - 200°C, low naphthalene content / n-Butanol
Color (max) 3 Gardner
Acid value on solids (mg KOH/g) 10 max