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UNITHANE® 1077 WD 60

Product overview
UNITHANE® 1077 WD 60 is an urethane oil based on siccative fatty acid and aromatic isocyanate, which is recommended for high gloss and matt paints formulations for boat and frames.UNITHANE® 1077 WD 60 can also be used in pigmented decorative gloss or eggshell finishes and should comprise between 20-50% of the media, the balance being a suitable long oil alkyd, for instance SYNOLAC® 4047 WD 90. Used in combination with this high solid binder, Co-free paints with good drying and hardness development can be achieved.
Applications Decorative metal, Wood floor coatings, Wood trim
Performance benefits Shear stable, Water resistance
Viscosity 5750 (mPa.s , at 25°C Brookfield)
Solid content (%) 60
Supplied in - Solvent Low aromatic white spirit
%Fatty Acid 66