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SYNOLAC® 8298 WD 60

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Product overview
SYNOLAC® 8298 WD 60 is a phenolic modified chinawood oil.SYNOLAC® 8298 WD60 is supplied in low aromatic white spirit to enable the formulation of coatings that do not require adverse environmental labelling.SYNOLAC® 8298 WD60 can be formulated into a range of decorative and marine paints.
Applications Wood primers, Wood stains and varnishes
Performance benefits High gloss potential, Multi-substrates adhesion, Shear stable, Water resistance
Sustainability benefits Highly biobased (> 70% biobased Carbon)
Viscosity 370 (mPa.s , at 23°C Brookfield LVDV-II+, SC4-34, 20rpm)
Solid content (%) 60
Supplied in - Solvent Low aromatic white spirit
%Fatty Acid 75