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ENCOR® 2793

Product overview
ENCOR® 2793 is a functionalized pure acrylics binder dedicated to multi-substrate primer and renovation paints. It is formulated without alkylphenolethoxylates and is formaldehyde releaser free.ENCOR® 2793 has an excellent adhesion profile on wood, concrete, ceramic, plastics and many other substrates. It is outstanding for stain and tannin blocking. It even prevents the knots of the wood, such as pine, from bleeding and blistering. ENCOR® 2793 is easy to formulate. This allows a broad range of application, such as multi-substrate primer, wall paints, wood lacquers, stain and tannin blocking primer or two coats renovation paints.
Applications Exterior wall paints, Interior wall paints, Wall primers, Wood primers, Wood stains and varnishes, Wood trim
Application benefits Blocking resistant, Dirt pick-up resistant, Good outdoor durability, Stain blocking
Performance benefits Low yellowing, Multi-substrates adhesion, Water resistance
Sustainability benefits APEO free, No added Formaldehyde
Viscosity 1000 max (mPa.s , at 23°C Brookfield RVT , 20rpm)
Solid content (%) 43
Supplied in - Solvent Water
pH Range 8.5 - 9.5
MFFT (°C) 15