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SNAP® 2709

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Product overview
SNAP® 2709 is a low MFFT acrylic emulsion with a morphology specifically designed to allow an excellent film formation. It is particularly adapted to the formulation of trim enamels for exterior and interior applications.SNAP® 2709 is formulated without alkylphenolethoxylates or formaldehyde.SNAP® 2709 has been developed to be used as binder for both interior and exterior trim enamels. Its specific & controlled structure ensures a stable minimum film formation temperature as well as a very good film formation with no coalescing agent even at low temperatures. In terms of film properties, SNAP® 2709 allows to get a coating exhibiting a good compromise of flexibility and hardness and a very good block resistance. The final properties of the coating are achieved extremely rapidly (within 24 hours of drying) and are stable with time as no coalescing agent (VOC or non VOC) is used. SNAP® 2709 is a binder of choice for durable exterior coatings.
Applications Decorative metal, Wood primers, Wood stains and varnishes, Wood trim
Application benefits Blocking resistant, Easy to clean, Good outdoor durability
Performance benefits High gloss potential, Low temperature flexibility, Low yellowing, Multi-substrates adhesion, Water resistance
Sustainability benefits APEO free, Low VOC coatings, No added Formaldehyde
Viscosity 500 max (mPa.s , at 23°C Brookfield RVT , 20rpm)
Solid content (%) 45
Supplied in - Solvent Water
pH Range 7.5 - 8.5
MFFT (°C) 5