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Product overview
SYNOLAC® 6883 is a long oil isophthalic acid based alkyd. Its very good pigment wetting properties make it suitable for use as a grinding medium and as an additive to improve the build of alkyd enamels.It can be used as a co-binder for decorative gloss paints and varnishes to improve build and extend the open time of the coating. The isophthalic backbone gives added water and saponification resistance.SYNOLAC® 6883 can be used in combination with high solid long oil alkyds in matt and satin- finish paints in order to improve the open time, build and in particular to enhance the flexibility of the film, thus avoiding the problems of cracking and peeling upon ageing.
Applications Decorative metal, Wall primers, Wood primers, Wood stains and varnishes, Wood trim
Performance benefits Penetrating, Shear stable
Sustainability benefits Highly biobased (> 70% biobased Carbon)
Viscosity 4500 (mPa.s , at 20°C)
Solid content (%) 99
Supplied in - Solvent -
%Fatty Acid 83