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GELKYD® 4635 WD 51

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Product overview
GELKYD® 4635 WD 51 is a soft gel polyamide modified thixotropic alkyd for use in all types of decorative coatings.It has a reduced odour, is to be used as a co-binder for medium and long-oil alkyd resins. As it is a highly condensed resin, it prevents the penetration of the formulation into porous substrates.It is very efficient for wetting pigments and fillers.GELKYD® 4635 WD 51 has been designed for use in matt and satin-finish paints.
Applications Decorative metal, Wood trim
Performance benefits Shear stable
Viscosity 450 (mPa.s , at 25°C solution at 40% in D40, at 2500 s-1)
Solid content (%) 51.5
Supplied in - Solvent Low aromatic white spirit
%Fatty Acid 61