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Product overview
SYNAQUA® 6812 is a self emulsifying long oil alkyd resin designed for use in water based decorative coatings, in combination with (styrene-)acrylic or vinylic emulsions. SYNAQUA® 6812 is to be used as co-binder in the formulation of 2010 VOC compliant paints and primers (according to the European Directive 2004/42/CE) in combination with (styrene-) acrylic or vinylic emulsions. In matt paints and primers, it can substitute up to 30% of the (styrene-) acrylic or vinylic binder. In lower PVC paints, the level should not exceed 10% to 20%. SYNAQUA® 6812 does not contain any solvent, amines nor alkylphenolethoxylates.
Applications Wall primers, Wood floor coatings, Wood primers
Applications Wall primers, Wood floor coatings, Wood primers
Performance benefits High gloss potential, Penetrating, Shear stable
Sustainability benefits APEO free, Eco-certification contributor, Highly biobased (> 70% biobased Carbon), Low VOC coatings, No added Formaldehyde
Viscosity 2500 (mPa.s , at 20°C)
Solid content (%) 100
Supplied in - Solvent -
%Fatty Acid 80