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ENCOR® 5340

Product overview
ENCOR® 5340 is a vinyl acetate homopolymer binder, stabilized with polyvinyl alcohols. This product is free from APE surfactants and is modified with a phthalate-free plasticizer. ENCOR® 5340 is ideally suited for the modification of cement based compounds such as mortars and grouts to increase their mechanical properties (flexural strength), adhesion to mineral substrates and freeze-thaw resistance. ENCOR® 5340 imparts good workability to the mortars allowing the reduction of the required water during their preparation.
Applications Cement mortar modifier
Applications Cement mortar modifier
Sustainability benefits APEO free
Solid content (%) 51.5
pH 5
MFFT (°C) 12
Tg (°C) 30