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ENCOR® 5100

Product overview
ENCOR® 5100 is a high solids, cement-compatible styrene-acrylic latex. This product is free from coalescing agents, plasticizers and APE surfactants. ENCOR® 5100 is ideally suited for the modification of Portland cement and other hydraulic binder systems. It finds application in the formulation of two-component membranes, sealing and bonding slurries as well as water resistant ceramic tile adhesives. ENCOR® 5100 may also be used in the formulation of sealants, liquid roofing elastomeric membranes and for the modification of anionic bitumen emulsions.
Applications Waterproofing membrane (1K,2K)
Applications Waterproofing membrane (1K,2K)
Sustainability benefits APEO free
Solid content (%) 60
pH 7.5
MFFT (°C) < 1
Tg (°C) -8