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SYNOLAC® 4060 WDA 90

Product overview
SYNOLAC® 4060 WDA 90 is a high solids long oil alkyd resin designed for use in decorative coatings. SYNOLAC® 4060 WDA 90 has been developed to formulate a wide range of architectural coatings. Its low viscosity combined with its high solid content allows the use of thixotropic resins - such as GELKYD® - silicone-modified alkyds and urethan-modified alkyds to produce high quality, 2010 VOC compliant (Directive 2004/42/CE) decorative coatings formulations. SYNOLAC® 4060 WDA 90 is supplied in low aromatic high flash white spirit to enable the formulation of coatings that do not require adverse environmental labelling.
Applications Decorative metal, Wood trim
Performance benefits High gloss potential, Multi-substrates adhesion, Shear stable, Water resistance
Sustainability benefits High solids solventborne, Highly biobased (> 70% biobased Carbon)
Viscosity 2000 (mPa.s , at 25°C Brookfield LVDV-II+, SC4-34, 20rpm)
Solid content (%) 89
Supplied in - Solvent Low aromatic high flash white spirit
%Fatty Acid 72