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GELKYD® 352 WD 54

Product overview
GELKYD® 352 WD 54 is a strong gel polyamide modified thixotropic alkyd for use in all types of decorative coatings. The resin is supplied in low aromatic white spirit to enable the formulation of coatings that do not require adverse environmental labelling. GELKYD® 352 WD 54 has been developed for use in the formulation of high quality decorative interior and exterior finishes. When blended with suitable alkyds, GELKYD® 352 WD 54 can be used to produce 2010 compliant coatings with a wide range of structures, from strong gel to creamy consistency. GELKYD® 352 WD 54 has no adverse effect on drying and as it is very clear, it is especially suitable for dark shades paints.
Applications Decorative metal, Wood trim
Performance benefits Shear stable
Viscosity 675 (mPa.s , at 50°C at 10000 s-1)
Solid content (%) 54
Supplied in - Solvent Low aromatic white spirit
%Fatty Acid 62