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Arkema recently introduced a new product, ENCOR® DC 3478 vinyl acrylic, for soil stabilization and dust control
applications where durability, binding and film formation are needed. This resin offers a chemical binding process
aid for use in spray-applied products and is ideal for both topical and full-depth formulations.

“Latex binders offer excellent performance across a wide range of soil and dust control applications,” Rick Miner, technical account coordinator for Coating Resins, Arkema, explained. “They are easy to formulate and use, offering potential cost savings and benefits when compared to traditional mechanical methods.”

Unlike other chemical binders, ENCOR® DC 3478 vinyl acrylic effectively binds particles less than 10 microns in size, helping to reduce pollution from suspended dust. Additionally, the film forming and binding properties result in a more durable and longer-lasting treated surface.


Additionally, ENCOR® DC 3478 vinyl acrylic meets the standards of Arkema’s EnVia® program and is designed to help formulators achieve their sustainability and regulatory goals in finished products.


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