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Arkema is showcasing the Company’s full range of Coating Materials and pioneering expertise for coatings formulators at the 2021 Western Coatings Show in Las Vegas, Oct. 17-20, tabletop #602. Projects on display include recent innovations dedicated to waterborne, UV/LED/EB and high solids technologies. Arkema leaders will also be presenting on a range of topics, including a keynote address entitled “The Future of Sustainability in the Coatings Industry” on Tuesday, Oct. 19 at 8:40 a.m.

“At least 25 percent of the presentations scheduled for the Western Coatings Show this year will be discussing some aspect of sustainability,” Chris Miller, senior global research director for coatings at Arkema, explained. “As we meet throughout the week – and well beyond the event – it is important for leaders and experts in the industry to do more than discuss the importance of sustainability. We need companies to showcase and promote the knowledge, the products and technologies they are developing and implementing today that are driving the industry toward a more sustainable future.”

Arkema is introducing several new and featured coating materials related to sustainability at the Western Coatings Show, including:

  • SYNAQUA® Waterborne Alkyd Emulsions (for waterborne coatings), offering low VOC options for high gloss coatings with feel of a solvent-based alkyd. Available in APEO and ammonia-free short oil alkyd emulsions.
  • COAPUR™ Biosourced HEUR Thickeners (for waterborne coatings), which are >80% bio-sourced (bio-sourced ICI Driver, High Shear HEUR thickener/bio-sourced KU Builder, Balanced HEUR thickener).
  • SARBIO® Specialty UV Resins (for UV/LED/EB systems) based on renewable raw materials, which are designed specifically for performance and sustainability. Several grades recently earned the USDA Certified Biobased label.
  • CRAYVALLAC® Biosourced Rheology Modifiers (for high-solids systems), a line of products with a higher level of bio-renewable content (from 80% up to 100%). They are highly efficient and offer excellent sag resistance and antisettling properties.

In addition, Arkema is showcasing a wide range of new and featured coating materials, designed to improve performance and to foster innovation across many different coating systems.

For Waterborne Coatings:

  • ENCOR® 317 Vinyl Acrylic Resin, a new product that helps formulators meet MPI™ standards in interior coating formulations (based on internal testing) and offers increased TiO2 efficiency - making it easier to “Win the Bid” and meet higher standards using more cost-efficient material.
  • RHEOTECH™ Pseudoplastic Acrylic Thickeners, which are California Prop 65 compliant, offering strong thickening and ease-of-use capabilities.
  • COAPUR™ XS 12 HEUR Thickener, a new highly Newtonian HEUR thickener with excellent leveling and improved stain washability capabilities.

ENCOR® Flex 1361 All Acrylic Emulsion, a new product for waterborne acrylic cool roof and vertical wall coatings. It can help formulators meet ASTM D6083 Type II and CA Title 24 requirements and offers an excellent balance of tensile and elongation properties in formulations without zinc oxide.

For UV/LED/EB Systems:

  • LAMBSON™ Speedcure LTX, a new Liquid Thioxanthone Photoinitiator that enables very high resin compatibility and offers highly desirable performance properties. It is ideal for LED curable systems and low viscosity applications.
  • SARTOMER® Structured Urethane Acrylates Resins, a new class of urethane acrylate oligomers that expands performance possibilities in cured materials, with a very fast time to market.

For High-Solids Systems:

  • CRAYVALLAC® PA4 BA 20 HAPs-free Polyamide Rheology Modifier for industrial coatings offering good gloss, transparency and sag resistance. Being preactivated, they are easy to use.
  • CRAYVALLAC® Additives, including a full range of highly efficient rheology modifiers especially designed for very high solids and solvent-free systems. They are used in systems that are 100% solids and up to 92 percent biosourced.

Attendees can also learn more at the following presentations from Arkema experts at the Western Coating Symposium:

  • “The Future of Sustainability in the Coatings Industry” by Chris Miller, senior global research director, coatings, Tuesday at 8:40 a.m. (keynote)
  • “Cool Roof Acrylic Coatings for Green Buildings” by Yuk Mun Li, scientist, Tuesday at 10:50 a.m.
  • “Advancements In Vinyl Acrylic Emulsion Technology – Exceeding Current Performance Standards” by Jeremy Grove, PhD, research scientist, Wednesday at 12:35 p.m.

“Arkema is interested in talking about every aspect of coating formulations, including achieving realistic sustainability goals in our industry,” Miller said. “We invite everyone to stop by our tabletop or reach out to us to learn more.”

To learn more about Arkema’s offerings for coatings, visit:

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