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Arkema, a world leader in specialty materials for paints and coatings, will meet with customers to showcase latest products and know-how, offering a balance of performance, processability and more sustainable technologies at the 2022 Latin American Coatings Show in Mexico City, July 26-28.

“Arkema is committed to supporting our customers and partners in Latin America with new resins and additives developments, more sustainability initiatives and ongoing regional investments,” explained Maria Diaz, senior sales manager- Arkema Coatings Solutions.

Arkema representatives will feature a wide range of products, share their expertise and will be meeting with customers alongside industry partners at the following booths:

  • To learn more about Arkema waterborne binders, visit the Brenntag booth at Hall (Pasillo) 300 (311-314). Arkema products on display will include ENCOR® Flex 1361 all-acrylic resin, which offers improved asphalt bleed resistance and reflectivity in cool roof coatings. These applications will improve the sustainability profile of new and existing buildings through improved energy savings.
  • For information about additive products for coatings from Arkema, visit the OMYA booth at Hall (Pasillo) 700 (715-720). Products on display will include a full range of rheology modifiers for paints and coatings. New rheology modifiers and additives from Arkema are helping customers reduce their environmental footprint through clean processes based on water, elimination of hazardous components and new biobased solutions.

Arkema experts will be speaking on important industry topics at the show, including:

  • “Tendencias, atributos y soluciones para el segment de Recubrimientos Elastomericos” (“Elastomeric Roof Coatings Solutions”), presented by Francisco Serrano, technical services manager at Arkema Coating Resins; and Johann Cordero, application development manager LATAM - Materials Science at Brenntag – July 27, 12-1 pm in Room A.
  • “Sustainable Rheology Solutions for Waterborne General Industrial & Maintenance Coatings,” by Haksu Lee, North American technical manager for additives at Arkema, July 28 at 4 pm in Room B.

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ENCOR® is a registered trademark of Arkema.

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