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“Innovation, Product Performance and Sustainability are at the core of everything we do at Arkema, including the design and development of our new coating resins website,” said Eric Dumain, global marketing director for coatings at Arkema. “Based on extensive customer insights and feedback, research and testing, our new website was specifically designed to meet the needs of our customers across the coating resins sector.”

The Arkema Coating Resins website caters to formulators of architectural paints and coatings, industrial coatings, powder coatings, pressure sensitive adhesives, adhesives and sealants, elastomers, construction products and much more. The website is focused on the three pillars of Innovation, Product Performance and Sustainability.

Under Innovation, customers will discover some of the company’s most innovative new products and follow Arkema’s latest developments and market trends.

In the area of Product Performance, the website’s technology section features Arkema’s wide range of coating resins with multi-technology expertise, and new products with sustainable solutions for demanding applications to provide premium performance and environmental friendliness.

As an industry champion of sustainability, Arkema designed the Sustainability section to showcase cutting-edge solutions that meet customers' performance and sustainability challenges, including solutions to eliminate HAPs and other hazardous materials from work processes, a wide range of waterborne and high solids products, and value-added sustainably engineered products, among others. In addition, the section provides information and a link to learn more about Arkema’s corporate sustainability efforts.

The easy-to-use product finder on the new website was developed based on extensive customer feedback and now features six product finders, segmented by market, covering 596 products, providing customers with easy access to Arkema’s innovative product offerings. Additional features of the product finder include free access to Arkema technical data sheets and other resources including sample requests. The website also includes a library of the company’s most recent webinars including “Acrylic Latex Sealants for the Green Buildings of the 21st Century” and “Choosing the Right Waterborne Pure Acrylic Binder for Your Premium Paints.”

To experience the new customer-centric coating resins website, please visit:

About Arkema:
Building on its unique set of expertise in materials science, Arkema offers a portfolio of first-class technologies to address ever-growing demand for new and sustainable materials. With the ambition to become in 2024 a pure player in Specialty Materials, the Group is structured into 3 complementary, resilient and highly innovative segments dedicated to Specialty Materials -Adhesive solutions, Advanced Materials, and Coating Solutions- accounting for some 80% of Group sales, and a well-positioned and competitive Intermediates segment. Arkema offers cutting-edge technological solutions to meet the challenges of, inter alia, new energies, access to water, recycling, urbanization and mobility, and fosters a permanent dialogue with all its stakeholders. The Group reported sales of around €8 billion ($9 billion USD) in 2020, and operates in some 55 countries with 20,500 employees worldwide.

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