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As Chief Marketing Officer for Coating Solutions at Arkema, Julie Haevermans champions a compelling vision for the industry's decarbonization journey. She fosters collaboration with partners, customers, suppliers, and internal stakeholders to drive the necessary enhancements.

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Arkema's journey towards sustainability stands as a beacon of innovation and commitment in the coatings industry. In a recent episode of PCI's Coat It! podcast, Chief Editor Kristin Johansson engaged in a compelling conversation with Julie Haevermans, Chief Marketing Officer for Coating Solutions at Arkema. The discussion unveils Arkema's strategic approach to driving sustainability in the coatings industry, focusing on key priorities and initiatives.

Addressing climate change, preserving natural resources, and improving overall well-being emerge as central themes, showcasing a holistic approach to sustainability. Arkema's ambitious climate plan, approved by the Science Based Target Initiative, focuses on both short and long-range plans, such as mass balance certification and CO2 reduction at the Carling site in France.



The topic has transitioned from a second thought to a nice-to-have concept to a reality, and now more and more to a real sense of purpose for all of us."

Arkema's commitment to sustainability is evident through a multifaceted approach encompassing climate action, resource preservation, and well-being improvement. With ambitious targets validated by the Science Based Target Initiative, Arkema is set to accelerate decarbonization efforts, embrace circular solutions through mass balance initiatives, and actively contribute to reducing carbon footprints in the coatings industry. The company's dedication to collaboration across the value chain and its focus on innovation underscores a future where Arkema plays a pivotal role in shaping a more sustainable and resilient industry.

You can listen to Julie’s full interview on PCI’s Coat It! page here.