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Arkema, a global leader in acrylic solutions, is proud to announce its partnership with the carrier ISMERT, part of the MGE Group, to address the challenge of reducing transportation emissions. As the world shifts towards decarbonization, the two companies are taking proactive steps here to reduce by more than 80% the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with acrylic product transportation.

Through this partnership with ISMERT, we aim to contribute to reduce our customers' Scope 3 emissions with a lower carbon footprint transportation for road shipments in a few European countries in a first step of implementation.
This project is another stride to support Arkema newly reinforced climate plan and strong commitment to decarbonization across the value chain.”

We are proud to collaborate with Arkema and support them with their carbon emissions reduction roadmap ambition. Exploring alternatives to traditional diesel fuel, such as renewable fuel derived from waste materials, reduces GHG emissions during transportation by over 80%.
This transition to renewable diesel contributes to a more circular economy by repurposing wastes into valuable resources. Furthermore, it enhances the environmental footprint of road transportation by decreasing by 65% the fine particle emissions compared to conventional diesel.”

This initiative complements Arkema’s commitment to reduce transportation emissions including optimizing routes, utilizing intermodal shipments, and exploring other alternatives to diesel fuel.

Discover more about Arkema's strategy for reducing greenhouse gas emissions throughout our value chain.