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As a global innovation leader in Kynar® PVDF electrode binders and separator coatings, Arkema now extends its offer with the launch of its Incellion™ range of sustainable waterborne acrylic solutions for high-capacity anodes, cathode primers and ceramic coated separators.

More innovations and possibilities for EV and ESS batteries - inside the cell

Arkema is a proven supplier to battery cell producers with a long legacy in advanced PVDF binder and separator coating solutions. Now, Arkema has taken a step forward with its broad portfolio of complementary technologies.

This new technology offer includes advanced acrylic-based binders, dispersants and rheology additives, marketed under the Incellion™ trademark that allows battery manufacturers to optimize their formulations of electrode and separator solutions tailored for both existing and next generation cell components.

The targeted result is higher cell performance with faster charging, longer life-cycle durability, and increased energy density while ensuring world class safety and environmental compliance.

A holistic approach to advance batteries on a global basis

Arkema is a global partner to the industry, ideally positioned to support its EV and ESS battery customers in all three primary geographic regions across the globe. With innovation centers, manufacturing, and customer support available worldwide, the company enables battery manufacturers to grow within new and existing geographies.

With continued growth and investment, Arkema forecasts sales into the EV and ESS battery markets will reach more than €1 billion by 2030.

Arkema is also an innovator in next generation Foranext® electrolyte salts and Graphistrength® carbon nanotubes, and is a supplier of several advanced “outside the cell” adhesive and biopolymer solutions.

Arkema has been a pioneer in the battery market and we have built an extensive network of partner customers globally. It is exciting for us to expand our offer with complementary solutions for our partner customers.”

These acrylic innovations are enabled by unique synergies across Arkema’s coatings, adhesives, and advanced materials. This technology reinforces Arkema’s commitment to the new mobility and energy markets.”

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