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REAFREE® 6846:  ultra-low temperature cure powder coatings overview

REAFREE® 6846 saturated carboxylated polyester is a 50:50 hybrid product for use in formulating decorative and protective interior thermosetting powder coatings for metal substrates. This new polymer offers ultra-low temperature (130 -140 ℃) curing capabilities over metal with very good flow, color stability, and excellent storage stability in all geographies.

This innovative product gives formulators the tools they need to significantly improve energy cost savings. Additionally, powder coatings made with these resins can reduce emissions during the actual coating process. Combined with good flow and storage stability, REAFREE® 6846 resins are ideal across a wide range of applications and markets, including coating metals of dissimilar thicknesses and temperature sensitivities.

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REAFREE® 6846 summary

Decorative and protective

  • 50/50 hybrid designed for metals
  • Interior application / appliances
  • Good flow
  • Good mechanical properties

Ultra-low bake (ULB)

  • Fast curing lines
  • Energy savings
  • Heat sensitive substrates

Dissimilar metal thickness

  • Convenient
  • Excellent storage stability

Mechanical properties @ standard cure

REAFREE® 6846 mechanical properties

Solvent cure @ 20 mins / 140℃

REAFREE® 6846 solvent cure minutes