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Using coating resins safely

When considering the use of an Arkema Coating Resins product in a particular application, you should review our most current Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and ensure the use you intend can be accomplished safely.

No chemical should be used in a food, drug, medical device, or cosmetic, or in a product or process in which it may contact a food, drug, medical device, or cosmetic until the user has determined the suitability and legality of the use. Since government regulations and use conditions are subject to change, it is the user's responsibility to determine that this information is appropriate and suitable under current, applicable laws and regulations.

Arkema Coating Resins requests that customers read, understand, and comply with available information and the current applicable Material Safety Data Sheet. The customer should furnish the information in this publication to its employees, contractors, customers, or any other users of the product(s), and request that they do the same.

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