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Weaving a greener future

All our polymers are APEO & solvent free. Anticipating your sustainability goals, Arkema Coating Resins directs development efforts towards formaldehyde-free products.

The raw materials used in our synthesis process enable our products to meet the most rigid sustainability statements, allowing for strict textile labeling. Our experts are willing to answer your questions concerning Food Contact and specific textile regulations, like GOTS, OEKO-TEX and others.

Optimized performances

Our wide range of waterbased dispersions help you optimize performance and value in coatings for textile and nonwoven reinforcements.

We offer a product range based on acrylic, styrene-acrylic and acrylic modified polymeric dispersions, with a broad availability of softness/hardness balance. Depending on the application, our portfolio includes thermoplastic, self-crosslinking and thermosetting polymers.

The Arkema Coating Resins developments for textile & nonwoven applications are able to provide efficient and extensive technical support to our customers. We focus on developing innovative binders compatible with sustainable development and environmental protection.

Technical support

Products made with ENCOR® polymers can be industrially applied by padding, foaming, coating and spray. Whatever your application is, we can support your developments with our laboratory equipment and trials focused on reproducing your real-use conditions.

Formulation stability, mechanical resistance, adhesion, hydrophobia, adsorption capacity, and solvent resistance are just some of the physical-chemical and applicative parameters that we can control in order to collaborate with your development efforts.

The applicative tests carried out in our laboratories follow the recommendation and the testing procedure of major textile organizations, such as EDANA, INDA, AATCC, TAPPI, as well as the ISO and ASTM norms. We can also adapt our testing procedure to yours if it may happen to be a different one.

Make the move to our next generation formaldehyde-free binders

For many years, Arkema Coating Resins has developed innovative formaldehyde-free* latexes. Our technical team is constantly working on new projects to create high-performance and compliant binders.

ENCOR® 1230S copolymer

  • Self-crosslinking acrylic co-polymer
  • Imparts a medium-soft hand
  • Dry-cleaning resistance
  • Suitable for textile coatings and for the preparation of pigment printing pastes
  • Formaldehyde-free, high solids, suitable for foaming applications

ENCOR® 1432S copolymer

  • Self-crosslinking styrene-acrylic co-polymer
  • Imparts a stiff hand
  • Good mechanical properties in dry, wet and in alkali conditions
  • Strongly recommended for the finishing of textile and nonwoven materials
  • Formaldehyde-free, hydrophobic, good compatibility with glass fibers

*Product designed without formaldehyde or formaldehyde releasers. During normal conditions of use, these binders do not generate formaldehyde.

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