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At Arkema Coating Resins we share your commitment, and have initiated an innovative program to help you succeed. Latex binders and other products from Arkema Coating Resins that are sold with the EnVia® trade name have passed our rigorous certification program to ensure they are suitable for use in formulations for sustainable paints, coatings, adhesives, sealants and construction products.

To request a sample of a specific product, or to place an order, please contact

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All products that are sold with the EnVia® name meet these key requirements:

  • Have no added alkyl phenol ethoxylate (APEO) surfactants
  • Have no added formaldehyde or formaldehyde donors1
  • Have total latex VOC < 5 g/L
  • Have no intentionally added carcinogens, reproductive toxins or ozone depleting compounds
  • Have low residual monomer levels - Total Monomer < 500 ppm

Formaldehyde is a trace material in our environment and there is no accepted regulatory or common definition of “formaldehyde-free.”

Supporting environmental initiatives

EnVia® products may be suitable for use in formulations that comply with current green building standards developed by industry associations or government agencies, including:

  • The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)
  • California Air Resources Board (CARB)
  • Canadian Green Building Council
  • Design for the Environment (Environmental Protection Agency)
  • GREENGUARD Environmental Institute (GEI)
  • The Green Globes
  • Green Guide for Health Care (GGHC)
  • Green Seal GS-11
  • Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®)
  • Master Painters Institute (MPI)
  • National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)
  • South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD)

These programs have specific requirements depending on end use applications. Arkema Coating Resins assists its customers in determining which Arkema product is suitable for a specific use.

EnVia® products

Product Chemistry type Solids

Minimum filming forming temperature (°C)

Glass transition temperature (midpoint °C)

Celocor® AF Voided Latex Opaque Polymer 30 100 N/A N/A Architectural coating
ENCOR® RAIN Styrene acrylic latex 42 <150 85 N/A Floor finishes
ENCOR® 282 Ethylene modified latex 56 500 0 11 Architectural coating
ENCOR® 309 Vinyl acrylic latex 55 <500 12 <19 Architectural coating
ENCOR® 310 Vinyl acrylic 55 200 <5 <4 Architectural coating
ENCOR® 317 Vinyl Acrylic 55 <800 10 16 Architectural coating
ENCOR® 357 Vinyl acrylic latex 56.5 275 12 23 Architectural coating
ENCOR® 631 Acrylic latex 50 50 0 N/A Architectural coating
ENCOR® 636 Acrylic latex 50 300 20 29 Architectural coating
ENCOR® 650 Acrylic latex 50 550 14 N/A Architectural coating
ENCOR® 657 Acrylic latex 58 500 16 14 Architectural coating
ENCOR® 9290 Acrylic latex 50 100 4 5 Pressure sensitive adhesive
SNAP® 720 Structured nanoparticle acrylic polymer 49 <500 0 N/A Architectural coatings
DC 3487
Vinyl acrylic latex 55 500 12 17 Dust control
ENCOR® DC 3879 Vinyl acrylic latex 56.5 300 12 23 Dust control
ENCOR® DC 3881 Acrylic latex 49 <500 0 N/A Dust control

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