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Environmental friendly floor polish concentrates 

Types of product & chemistry in floor polish application

A floor polish is a temporary coating applied over a floor to protect it against the moisture, the abuse of traffic and to enhance its appearance and longevity. The quality of a floor polish will be defined by a combination of different parameters, such as durability, gloss, recoatability, solvent & detergent resistance, traffic and scuff resistance.

Floor polish formulations, concentrated or “ready to use” (after dilution), generally contain film-forming polymers (acrylic or styrene-acrylic based), waxes, plasticizers, wetting agents, levelling agents and other minor ingredients.

Example of PVC floors treated with a floor polish

Bad and good recoatability 


Gloss after and before coating 

Our floor polish concentrates are suitable for any type of hard or soft floor: linoleum & vinyl, concrete, ceramic, wood an parquet, except for unsealed wooden floors.

Floor polish concentrate




pH Viscosity

Key properties

ENCOR® 7004

20,0 8,5 30


excellent durability

ENCOR® 7005

30,0 8,5 60

Hard and slipresistant highly durable

ENCOR® 7008

30 8 50

High gloss, Non buffable

ENCOR® 7018

30 8,5 50

High gloss, excellent response to buffing, high chemical resistance


PFAS free products

Main Properties





Levelling Dirt.pickup

Chemical resistance









(*)During normal conditions of use, these dispersions do not generate formaldehyde.


As stardard


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