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ENCOR® 636 100% acrylic latex provides a good balance of properties for both interior and exterior formulations compared to our typical acrylic binders. The binder meets the requirements of Arkema’s EnVia® certification program1, and is low VOC-capable, making it suitable for flat to gloss formulations that satisfy both performance and sustainable formulating requirements.

Performance benefits

  • APEO-Free – ENCOR® 636 acrylic latex meets EnVia® standards, including no use of APEO surfactants.
  • Delivers excellent gloss development, adhesion on both wet and dry substrates and grain crack resistance, making it suitable for both interior and exterior formulations.
  • Formulations based on ENCOR® 636 acrylic latex show excellent rheology, stability and color acceptance.
  • Offers an excellent balance of cost and performance in a low VOC-capable binder.

Typical properties2

Total solids, % by weight 50
Weight per gallon, lbs 8.6
pH value 8.0
Particle size, µm 0.2
Viscosity, Brookfield, cP 300
Minimum filming temperature (MFFT), °C 20
Glass transition temperature (Tg), °C 29

2Typical values not to be construed as sales specifications.

Typical paint properties*

PVC, % 76%
Volume solids 44%
VOC, g/L <5 g/L

Typical paint properties*

PVC, % 18%
Volume solids, % 37%
VOC, g/L <5 g/L

Sheen Development - Flat formulation

Sheen development - Gloss formulation chart

Scrub resistance chart

Block resistance chart

Wet adhesion chart

Efflorescence resistance chart

Alkai Resistance chart

Color retention chart

Color retention chart 2

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