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Product overview
UNITHANE 655 WD 55 is an urethane alkyd designed for use in clear and pigmented finishes, which can be used in combination with long oil alkyds in order to increase hardness and abrasion resistance while maintaining excellent gloss retention.UNITHANE 655 WD 55 can be used in pigmented decorative gloss or eggshell finishes and should comprise between 20-50% of the media, the balance being a suitable long oil alkyd. In thixotropic decorative gloss and eggshell finishes, similar percentages can be used. Abrasion resistant and rapid drying finishes are obtained, with the durability, pigment wetting and non-chalking characteristics of the alkyd resin being retained.For interior varnishes, it is recommended that UNITHANE 655 WD 55 be used as the sole binder.The resin is supplied in low aromatic white spirit to enable the formulation of coatings that do not require adverse environmental labelling.
Industrial segment General Industry / ACE, Protective coatings & Marine
Coating layers Pigmented topcoat, Topcoat
Curing type 1K
Performance benefits Fast dry, Hardness
Sustainability benefits Renewable content
Viscosity 1400 - 2000 mPa.s (25°C)
% NVC 54 - 56
Volatile Dearomatised white spirit D40
% Fatty acid on solids 61
Fatty acid type Linoleic rich
Color (max) 6 Gardner
Acid value on solids (mg KOH/g) 3 max