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SYNOLAC 227 S 65

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Product overview
SYNOLAC 227 S 65 is an oil free, saturated, hydroxy functional polyester resin for polyurethane and stoving systems.SYNOLAC 227 S 65 provides, in stoving systems, with the appropriate melamine resins very good reactivity and yellowing resistance. Stoved films achieve very high gloss and excellent exterior durability. Even under overbake conditions these good properties are not affected significantly.Two-pack systems based on SYNOLAC 227 S 65 show very good adhesion, tough flexibility and good exterior durability.SYNOLAC 227 S 65 is particularly recommended for use in coatings for household appliances.SYNOLAC 227 S 65 is also recommended in combination with polyisocyanates in 2-pack primers and topcoats for metal and wood.
Industrial segment General Industry / ACE, Industrial Wood Finishes
Coating layers Clearcoat, Pigmented primer, Pigmented topcoat, Topcoat
Curing type 1K stoving, 2K
Performance benefits Chemical resistance, Flexibility
Viscosity 6000 - 8500 mPa.s (23°C)
OH on solids 3.6%
% NVC 64 - 66
Volatile Aromatic naphta solvent 160 - 180°C (Aromatic 100)
Color (max) 5 Iodine
Acid value on solids (mg KOH/g) 10 max