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Our range of protective and marine coatings include heavy-duty coatings for extreme applications:


  • High-performance anticorrosive primers
  • Topcoat systems for marine and offshore environments
  • Chemical resistant coatings for tank linings
  • Conventional primers and topcoats for general protective word

High performance and high build

The theme common through most formulators’ specifications is high performance and high build. The performance is specific for the coating type:

  • for primers - adhesion and corrosion protection
  • for topcoats - durability, gloss and color retention, from simple alkyds to highly durable and resistant 2-component acrylics

Our range of products for marine and protective coating applications includes:

  • Crayamid® reactive polyamide hardeners
  • Synocryl® and Synocure® acrylic resins
  • Synolac® alkyd, high solids alkyd and modified alkyd resins

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