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Floor polishes

Floor polish is a temporary coating applied over a floor to protect it against moisture, the abuse of traffic and to enhance its appearance and longevity

Wash and wax

Wash and wax are ready-to-use products with very low solid content. The function is the cleaning, maintenance, and restoration of a polish. Some of our concentrates, once diluted, can be used as “Wash and wax” products.


A sealer is used to fill the pores of very porous substrates. Additionally, it will provide an ideal adhering basis for a durable topcoat.

Carpet cleaners

Carpet cleaners are adapted to the cleaning process (wet foam shampoos, spray extraction, or dry powder cleaning). The dry residue of the polymeric phase contained in our carpet cleaners binds the dirt, which does not stick anymore to the carpet fibers and is so easily vacuumed whilst giving good resistance to re-soiling.

Our chemistries

Polymer dispersions

With low solid content and low viscosity: acrylic, styrene-acrylic, metal cross-linked or metal-free, formaldehyde-free.

Wax emulsions

Oxidized ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) and polyethylene (PE) waxes.

Floor polishes

Formulated, ready to use (after dilution), products that generally contain film-forming polymers, waxes, and other minor ingredients.

Carpet cleaners

Formulated, ready-to-use (after dilution) products that generally contain surfactants, non-film-forming polymers, and a few other ingredients.

A full range of technologies to care floors

Floor polish

Aesthetic properties

  • Wetting and levelling
  • Gloss
  • Buffability
  • Recoatability

Technical properties

  • Removability
  • Detergent and water resistance
  • Traffic and scuff resistance
  • Slip resistance
  • Dirt pick-up resistance
  • Long term stability

Carpet care

Main properties

  • Cleaning power
  • Anti-soiling properties
  • Foaming characteristics
  • Stability