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Interior wall coatings 

Interior wall coatings present unique challenges, and formulators are continually looking to improve features such as air quality, scrub resistance, tint strength, stain resistance and much more. Arkema produces a wide range of waterborne products for these applications, designed to provide the ideal balance of performance, formulation latitude and cost efficiency. We offer multiple chemistries to help meet your needs, including all acrylics, vinyl acrylics, styrene-acrylics, waterborne alkyds and opacifiers. Whether you are looking to improve performance, reduce reliance on TiO2, incorporate biobased content or meet other formulation needs in interior wall coatings, we can help.

Featured Binders for Interior Wall Coatings:

Products Chemistry  Benefits 
SYNAQUA® 4856 alkyd emulsion
  • Made with 97% biobased raw materials
  • High gloss potential
  • Chemical and scrub resistance
  • Low emission

ENCOR® 317

vinyl acrylic
  • Increased TiO2 efficiency
  • Meets Master Painters Institute (MPI®) cleansability and tint strength guidelines
  • Outstanding scrub resistance


opaque polymer
  • Opaque Polymer hollow latex particles
  • Ammonia free
  • Partial replacement for titanium dioxide,
  • improvements in dry hide and tint strength



Exterior wall coatings

Arkema has been developing acrylic binders for exterior wall coatings for decades. Based on your formulation needs, our products can help you offer better UV resistance, low surfactant leaching, dirt pickup resistance, improved water resistance, APEO free coatings and much more – while still meeting sustainability and regulatory needs.  Our products are developed for, and tested extensively on, wood, concrete and other common substrates where exterior wall coatings are used.

Featured Binders for Exterior Wall Coatings:

Products  Chemistry Benefits 

ENCOR® 2787

all acrylic
  • Outstanding water resistance with very low water whitening
  • Excellent exterior durability
  • Low surfactant  leaching

ENCOR® 636

all acrylic
  • Excellent gloss development
  • Good adhesion and grain crack resistance
  • Low VOC capable (<50g/l)


Specialty Coatings for Wood, Metal and Other Substrates

Arkema offers the waterborne binders you need to develop trim paints, wood stains, metal coatings and specialty primers that offer higher performance benefits while meeting more stringent sustainability and regulatory requirements.

Our products can help you meet important performance expectations, including stain blocking, penetration on porous substrates, blocking resistance and adhesion to multiple substrates. Our high solid and modified alkyds, made with a high ratio of vegetable oil, also offer high gloss, hardness, excellent adhesion, strengthening of porous substrates, flow and leveling when used in wood and metal coatings.


Featured Binders for Specialty Coatings:


Products Chemistry Benefits


alkyd emulsion
  • High gloss potential and excellent gloss retention
  • Excellent hardness
  • Quick dry time

SNAP® 720

structured nanoparticle acrylic polymer
  • Superior block resistance and film hardness compared to standard acrylic binders
  • Outstanding dirt pickup resistance
  • Low VOC capable (<50g/l)

ENCOR® 2793

all acrylic
  • Multi-substrates adhesion
  • Stain blocking tannin blocking, knot blocking
  • Easy to formulate